here is a science to how fragrances are made, and how they smell, but with a little information, you can become a pro on the subject.
Fragrances are produced from flowers, combined with a variety of other ingredients, such as fruit, spices, resins, gums, balsams, leaves and grasses, to name a few.
Flower oils are the main component of a perfume. These are blended with the other scents, after which alcohol is added. The quantity of alcohol ultimately determines whether the fragrance is categorised as perfume, eau de toilette or cologne.
Perfume contains the least alcohol, and has the strongest scent. Eau de toilette contains up to 15% essential oils, and less alcohol than cologne.
A perfect fragrance has three layers, comprising top, middle and base notes. Top notes describe the scent you identify immediately after applying the perfume. Middle notes represent the essence

of the perfume, and become apparent just before the base notes, which bring depth and round out the fragrance. You’ll get these around 30 minutes after application.These notes help to determine what kind of fragrance you can choose. Depending on the occasion, such as everyday use you would choose a perfume that has stronger base notes that last longer whereas for something more special such as an evening event or wedding you want to choose something with stronger top notes that will help you make an entrance when walking into your event. Many people will wear a stronger fragrance to an event while wearing a scent with strong top notes for everyday wear.
Paloma Picasso, famous perfume and fashion designer, and daughter of legendary artist Pablo Picasso, once explained that to her, a perfume “is like a piece of clothing, a way of presenting oneself… a costume that differs according to the woman who wears it.” The same principle applies to men’s fragrance.
For almost all of us, our choice of perfume is a very personal one, and when we find the perfect one, our affinity is strong. It may evoke memories of special people, things or events in our past, or we find ourselves attracted to the specific feelings we experience when we wear that special fragrance.
Ultimately, our choice of scent often enters a room and says a lot about us, before we utter a single word.
The table alongside is a useful guide to picking the best perfume to help you ‘hit the right note’ and frame your unique personality.


hese days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the type of skincare that is available. Due to an increase in the number of consumers with sensitive, allergy-prone skin, dermo-cosmetic skincare brands have increased in popularity over the years.
This category of skincare usually carries the dermatologically tested stamp of approval and – while it has been significantly more popular overseas – the market for it locally is also growing.
So if you’re considering having this type of skincare, the most important thing to know is that it’s highly specialized, and the products are formulated with ingredients that reach deeper into the skin.
This ability to penetrate deeper into the dermis means these products target skin concerns which start at the lower levels of the skin.
Because they get to the root of the problem, dermo-cosmetic products achieve better results when treating problems like sensitive, reactive skin, aging, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation. This category offers a wide array of products and ranges to choose from. As you search for the range most suited to your skin concerns, here are a few to ask about and try:

BioNike’s ranges target sensitive, allergic and reactive skins.
As a result, all products are preservative free, fragrance-free, gluten free and nickel tested, contain cutting-edge active ingredients which are not tested on animals. BioNike products cater for all your skin’s needs and concerns, including acne, pigmentation, anti-aging, hydration, sun care and high coverage foundations.
BioNike has the ‘defence’ you need:
• Defence Hydra5 hydrates energize, protects, prevents and illuminates skin.
• DefenceXage is an anti-aging range potentiated with innovative Rejuvenate SGF™
• Defence B-Lucent helps and prevents dark spots and pigmentation from forming.

Eau Thermale Avène
Eau Thermale Avène offers a breakthrough in dermatology for all types of sensitive skin. At the heart of the brand is Avène Thermal Spring Water. Originating as rain, Avène Thermal Spring Water follows a 40-year journey through the Cevennes Mountain aquifer emerging clean and pure in the small French village of Avène.
Throughout its journey, Avène Thermal Spring Water gradually becomes infused with trace elements and silicates, achieving a perfectly balanced mineral composition ideal for sensitive skin. It soothes, softens, and restores skin’s natural balance.

Natural and unique in composition, Avène Thermal Spring Water is the source of an entire range of products for sensitive skin, including specialised products for specific skin concerns.

La Roche-Posay
Also formulated with thermal spring water, these skincare products relieve the discomfort of living with sensitive or chronic skin conditions.
With the help of healthcare professionals, the power of this ingredient translates into superior products which deliver relief for sensitive skin.
La Roche- Posay is the result of research followed by two years of development.
In addition to the product aimed at sensitivity, there is also Rosaliac CC Cream which helps correct and protect skin that is prone to redness, which is ideal for sufferers.

Uriage Eau Thermale
This brand was created in 1992. It targets a range of skincare concerns that those with sensitive skin may have.
The thermal water used in these products originates in the French Alps.
It has a unique mineral composition which helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, thereby protecting sensitive skin.
These products also target very dry atopy-prone skin, acne-prone skin and various other concerns.

Vichy Normaderm
Vichy Laboratoires offer a range of products, developed with sensitive skin in mind, and the brand’s Mineralizing Thermal Water at the heart of every product. An iconic product within the range is their Mineral 89 serum – a fortifying and plumping daily booster for the skin, to be used as the first gesture in every skin care routine. This lightweight serum contains 89% Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water and Hyaluronic Acid, for skin that appears stronger against aggressors, and is more hydrated and plumped. Vichy’s LiftActiv Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector, is star product within their anti-age LiftActiv range, containing 15% pure Vitamin C combined with fragmented Hyaluronic Acid, a 10-day treatment to assist with correcting signs of ageing and various other skin conditions.



his season is perfect for taking some time out for extra care of your skin. Thankfully with the wealth of knowledge of our Dis-Chem SKINSTRATEGY Beauty therapists do so will be that much easier and deliver noticeable results. Dis-Chem SKINSTRATEGY salon National Manager Marielet Janse van Rensburg tells us what they’re about.

What they offer:
SKINSTRATEGY salons use the BioNike Skincare ranges in all their salons and only offer Elemis treatments in 6 selected stores.
SKINSTRATEGY salons offer Low-Level Laser Therapy and Biomagnetic micro dermabrasion facials.
Low level laser treatment therapy (also known as soft or cold laser therapy) is perhaps a little scary to some but rest assured, it’s completely non-invasive safe and a pain-free way to give energy to the skin cells using heat free photons of light. This therapy targets problem related to aging, pigmentation and mild acne.
During the Biomagnetic microdermabrasion treatment, a specialized Medical magnet is used. This is a painless mini-peel treatment which refines the skin while reducing puffiness and pigmentation. This treatment also draws out any impurities and trapped debris which makes it great for acne-prone skin.
Six Selected SKINSTRATEGY salons offer a range of Elemis facials which work in perfect synergy with the skins natural bio-electric field to bring you seven uniquely customizable, clinically proven facials for every skin type.
These facial are powered by five treatment technologies which bridge the gap between a hands-on facial and cosmetic, non-invasive procedures, and will give you powerful and measurable results. The seven Elemis facials on offer will target any concern you may have with regards to anti-aging, lifting & Firming, restructuring, dullness, anti-blemish, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

SKINSTRATEGY salons provide a full range of other beauty services as found in other skin care salons such as; laser hair growth stimulation for hair loss problems due to stress or hormone imbalances, spray tans (selected SKINSTRATEGY salons only), slimming, waxing, tinting, manicures, and pedicures. They also offer extras like paraffin wax treatments and facial treatment peel-off masks.
Bridal and Matric Farewell packages are also on offer at all SKINSTRATEGY salons.
The newest treatment is the Epilfree permanent hair reduction treatment. This pain-free treatment is safe and suitable for all skin tones, hair colours and and ages. You can expect 80-95% hair reduction.

When it comes to the nail services, you can treat yourself to Gelish, acrylic, Bio Sculpture gel, and gel dipping nail treatments at various selected stores. Be sure to try their new Gelish Poly Gel nails, a trend currently taking the nail world by storm. Poly Gel nails are non-acrylic, or hard gel. They then combine the best of both in a revolutionary all-in-one system that’s undeniably better! If you think Gel polish changed you like, think again! Years in development and extensively salon tested, Gelish Poly Gel will give you strong, flexible, feather light nails, that are odourless and with no airborne dust.


very now and then, a new make-up technique comes along and gets us all clamouring to get to grips with perfecting it.
A few years ago it was contouring, which is using a combination of dark and light matte concealers to shade, define, refine or reshape facial features like the nose, forehead, chin and cheekbones.
Now, it’s all about strobing! The good news about this new craze is that it is much easier and far less complicated than contouring.
Pat McGrath, considered by many to be the world’s most influential make-up artist, creating signature looks for the likes of Rihanna and Naomi Campbell, is quoted as saying “Creativity is your best make-up skill, don’t be afraid to experiment. There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting.”
Keeping this in mind, let’s talk about strobing. While there are many online tutorials showing you how to achieve a professional-looking make-up, it’s good to know the basics upfront.
Strobing is a new contouring technique that uses illuminating powders (highlighters) to draw attention to the high points of your face, creating a healthy, luminous, youthful glow – think JLo at her red carpet peak!
So that’s what strobing is – now, where do you begin?

First, pick your shades
Your Dis-Chem beauty consultant will advise you on the right shades of foundations, highlighters, concealers and blushers to suit your skin tone, but here are the basic strobing colour codes:

Fair skin
A pearlescent or icy silver highlighter with cool undertones is great for fair skins, enhanced with a pink or peach cream-based blush, to avoid looking like an ice princess!

Medium to olive skin
Choose a highlighter with warm or peachy undertones, or opt for an overall bronzing effect, complemented with a bronze or earthy eyeshadow palette.

Dark skin
Highlighters in variations of gold, rose gold, champagne or bronze bring out the warmth of dark skin beautifully, especially when paired with a deep rose cream blush. Remember, most highlighter shades look far more dramatic on your skin tone, so apply sparingly for a natural-looking glow.

Now, prepare your skin
As the goal of strobing is to end up with dewy-looking, glowing skin, start by applying a deeply hydrating moisturiser to your face.
Follow this with a make-up primer to ensure that your foundation goes on smoothly, and lasts all day long.
Apply your foundation or BB cream, using a sponge of brush to create the most even finish possible. If necessary, follow this with concealer to hide any skin imperfections, blending it with your foundation… And everything is now in perfect place for the fun part…

Now, strobe away
With a light hand, apply your highlighter to your cheekbones and temples, the inner corners of your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, in the Cupid’s bow of your lips – anywhere the light naturally hits your face.
If you’re using a powder highlighter, strobe and blend with a fan brush for minimum disruption to your foundation and concealer. If you’ve opted for a highlighter stick, apply and blend very gently, using a make-up sponge or your fingertips.
With all the fabulous highlighting products available at Dis-Chem, it’s never been easier to showcase your skin’s luminous glow and look radiant all day long – so start strobing today!


ur relationship with our hair is very personal and for many people, particularly women, hair is our crowning glory. As a result we often spend lots of money and time taking care of it.
When our hair that we’ve invested so much in seems to be thinning it can be quite frustrating.
Moreover hair loss and thinning hair can take a serious toll on your self-esteem but with the right diagnosis and treatment you can prevent further hair loss.
Genetic hair loss affects as many as 80% of men and 10-12% of women. Hair Transplant Surgeon Larry Gershowitz says hair is a crucial factor in your appearance. “When you start to lose your hair it can have a devastating effect on your confidence and self-worth. It is normal to shed between 50-100 hairs a day but if your hair loss is sudden and drastic, it is advisable to consult a physician to identify the cause of your condition. Don’t suffer in silence because there are options available.”
Gershowitz also highlights how there are different types of hair loss. The first is permanent and occurs when you have a genetic predisposition to hair loss or a combination of both. Referred to as Androgenetic alopecia, this is the most common cause of hair loss in men, and occurs in women as well.
The second is transient and is defined by your experiencing a hair cycle that changes due to a number of factors such as stress, trauma, pregnancy, medication and illness. If you experience impermanent hair loss, your hair goes into a resting phase. With proper treatment it should grow back after three to four months. Hair loss can also be caused by many factors such as an underlying medical condition like alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disorder where the body’s white blood cells attack the cells in hair follicles causing them to shrink and slowing down hair production. Other medical causes include thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, stress, hormonal changes after child birth as the body returns to normal and contraceptive pills, which release a hormone to suppress ovulation that also causes hair thinning in some women.
“Diet and illness could be contributing factors. And in some cases, particularly for women, the way you style your hair can result in hair loss and thinning hair. Women who use chemicals or direct heat, or have their hair pulled for braids or weaves may experience scalp damage which can result in permanent hair loss,” he says.

Treating hair loss:
Treating hair loss differs for each individual depending on the cause. If you are experiencing transient hair loss it is best to seek a diagnosis from a medical professional to determine if it is related to illness, diet, medication or environmental factors. If you suffer from scalp disease you should see a dermatologist. “If you suffer from genetic hair loss, however, no medication will help you get it back once it is gone. The only way to replace the hair is to have a hair transplant. “Hair loss is a lifelong process and further procedures may be necessary to fill in ongoing hair loss. The transplanted hair, however, will never fall out. While hair loss can be devastating, there are options that allow you to get your hair back,” concludes Gershowitz.

Confronting transient hair loss causes in black hair:
UCT Associate Professor Dr Nonhlanhla Khumalo conducted a study analysing the amino acid content of natural and relaxed hair which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatologists. According to a press release issued by UCT in 2010, her study found that: “Relaxers change the levels of four of the 16 amino acids that make up a strand of hair. The changes in three amino acids have been associated with inflammation, and may be the way relaxers contribute to permanent hair loss and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA). The fourth change in relaxed hair was a dramatic reduction in cystine: the amino acid directly responsible for hair strength.” Professor Khumalo also said: “The most worrying causes of hair loss are CCCA and traction alopecia (TA), which is most common on the hairline and is the result of pulling hair into a tight ponytail, braids and weaves. The professor’s research suggests it may be healthier to go natural although she does also advise that “any hairdresser who painfully pulls hair should be avoided. Pain is the body’s way of saying all is not well. Ignore it and you risk losing your hair.”

Natural hair
Deciding to go natural can be an exciting process of self-discovery and in many instances one that helps damaged her recover. Hair Stylist and founder of Nilotiqa, Thokozile Mangwiro, says there has been an increase in the number of women who are embracing their natural curls. “It’s easier to do because there is a wealth of information available on different ways to maintain your hair. Secondly, natural hair goes deeper than just hair. It’s a stand that you are content with who you are and how you look.”
Your hair routine needs to ensure that the moisture deeply penetrates the hair shaft regularly.

Get into a weekly regular hair care routine, which should include a wash and deep conditioning day. A good one to look into is the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo. When it comes to a shampoo for natural hair you need to be going for a product that will wash your hair without stripping it of moisture. Not only will this shampoo cleanse and detangle your hair but the Silk Protein, Coconut and Neem Oils will restore moisture to it as well. A leave in conditioner will add moisture to your hair while also helping to make it softer.

The Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Leave-in Conditioner is a good choice for this. The even better thing about this product is that it’s a two in one because in additition to softening and hydrating hair, the castor oil in it will also boost strong hair growth.
Any natural will tell you that the go to hairstyle for wearing a fro out is a great twist out. Overnight, hair twists hold in moisture and are great for styling. The Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie can help you here. It can help you make sure your twist out is frizz free with defined curls. The Dark ‘N Lovely Au Naturale Plaiting Pudding Cream with mango and bamboo oil is also a good choice for hydrated defined curls. Cantu also has a great curler in their Cantu Coconut Curling Cream which has a fantastic scent and will make sure that you reveal a defined, and bouncy twist out everytime. The Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment is perfect for adding moisture. Dab a little on your hair before sealing with an oil or butter and your hair will love you for it. It is formulated to restore moisture and the pure shea butter in this will deliver a moisture boost to dry breakage prone hair.

It will also encourage the growth of strong healthy hair which experiences less breakage. It also makes a great heat protectant. From time to time you may enjoy plaiting your hair into protective styles. When done correctly without excessive tension and pulling these can be periods where your hair can grow and take a break from daily manipulation. But you may also experience itching during this time. Use the Dark ‘N Lovely Au Naturale Scalp Soother.

This anti itch formula can be a lifesaver and will relive any itching or tightness you may be experiencing. Maintaining fresh looking and smelling hair is another common complaint during protective styling. The Dark ‘N Lovely Au Naturale Braid Refresher will refresh your hair and make it look freshly washed along with a great long lasting scent.


utumn can be a great opportunity to get into gear for the coming winter. So as the leaves change colour check out these must-see trends that you can expect to see this season.

Lifestyle: living and eating well
Living well is already a trend that has taken the world by storm but it will get even more so as the years go by. The living well movement is founded on the principles of being mindful about the things we eat (consuming organic products) and how we treat our bodies (regular exercise and rest) because we understand that if we invest in our wellbeing it will be easier to face the daily challenges life brings. We’ll also be able to make the most of the opportunities that it presents us.

Fashion: the colour red, vinyl and metallic materials
Fiery red was trending on all the 2018 autumn runways during Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. Try incorporating the trend by buying yourself a classic red blazer, which will come in handy as we transition to the colder winter months.
Or if you’re not into it in terms of clothing, incorporate the colour into your beauty products, such as in your nail polish or a red lipstick, which is always a classic. The other major trend in fashion will be metallic. Be daring and maybe buy yourself a pair of metallic silver ankle boots.
Tone the look down by wearing a solid colour throughout and you will definitely look chic.
Lastly, the French beret is also a must-buy for autumn and winter.

Hair and make-up
Hair in autumn is all about the cascading curls. In terms of colour, go for warmer shades such as chestnut brown, honey blonde and rich copper. For all hair types, but particularly for ethnic hair textures, amp up your deep conditioning by using a hair steamer. So go ahead and apply your deep conditioner as normal, then add some hair oil and sit under the hair steamer for twenty minutes. The steamer adds moisture, restores colour vibrancy and strengthens elasticity to hair.
Some of the seasons make-up trends are definitely the statement lip or a matte lip. If you do the statement lip keep the rest of the make-up muted and let your lips draw all the attention.
Another noteworthy trend which came out of the runways was the black, almost rock-and-roll like, smudged eyeliner. Lastly, take extra care of your skin to ensure that your skin is as hydrated as your hair.
Invest in a hydrating face mask for weekly use.

Editor: Farrah Francis Writer: Ziphezinhle Msimango Photographs: iStock Photography, Gallo Images